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Leasing, Insuring, & Financing of Equipment | CALL TODAY! 1.855.465.8896


Getting Started and having us work for you is EASY!


Start with a personal presentation or call
We can get to know each other by understanding how your business, and the markets you operate in, will benefit from a GDirect integrated lending solution.

Follow up
We follow your introductory meeting with discovery sessions that capture the needs of your customers.

Produce custom-tailored financing programs
We leverage our expert knowledge, resources, and technology to produce custom-tailored financing programs that your customers will know and love.

Begin growing your business
Generate new revenue streams with an integrated lending solution.

PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION IS EASY: Implementing a customer financing program for your business will enhance your ability to drive sales and increase your customers’ ability to buy now.

Consult with GDirect’s Business Development team and become an approved Vendor
Our team will give your business the ability to offer your customers financing for your product by providing a full turn-key finance solution with NO FEES!

Sell your product Quicker and for more
We want to enable you to do what you know how to do best – sell your product. Now with GDirect, you’ll be able to increase sales and profitability by allowing customers to have leasing, Insurance and financing options for your products.

Contact GDirect
All your customer will do is apply through your GDirect Call Centre or website portal and approvals can be as quick as the same business day.

Upon approval, be fully funded
Provided requested documentation is satisfied, notification of funding of can be as quick as the same business day.

Deliver your products & services with NO RISK!




Does my business have any risk when my customer gets the loan?
Absolutely not. There is zero risk or liability to your business.

Does it cost me anything to be set up as a Vendor or finance my customers?
No. There are absolutely no fees or costs to you.

Can my customers purchase used equipment? 
Yes. We have no age, mileage, or hour restrictions which makes us one of a select number of lease companies that are capable of leasing used equipment at very competitive rates.

How long does it take for my customer to get approved?
Provided we have the credit application signed and the proper information we require for the credit approval, it can be as quick as the same business day.

Can my customer get pre-approved to then shop for the amount they are approved for to potentially increase their budget?
Yes. Their pre-approval last for 90 days. They can choose to move ahead with their purchase anytime within that period.

How much and for how long can my customer finance?
Depending on the industry your business is in, the amounts and terms vary. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Is it possible for my customers to get approved with zero money down?
Yes. Approvals require no money down OAC.

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